Add Dataset

Make your data findable

Do you want to make your published data findable for the low-temperature plasma community? Please use the Add Dataset web form to suggest a dataset for inclusion in the INPTDAT platform.


For quality assurance and to meet the scope of INPTDAT, the following requirements are to be fulfilled in order for the record to be included:

  • The dataset contains data related to a study in plasma science and technology.
  • The dataset is part of a journal publication (e.g. digital data of presented figures or tables, supplementary data).
  • The dataset is available in a public data repository (e.g. institutional, DRYAD, figshare, Mendeley) and has its own digital object identifier (DOI).

Authenticated users can additionaly archive their data files with INPTDAT and obtain a DOI for them. Please contact us if this service might be of interest to you. Authenticated users either use the web form (existing DOI is not required!) or follow the instructions available in the intranet to publish datasets with INPTDAT.


For findability and re-usability, all dataset listed on the INPTDAT platform are documented by means of the plasma metadata schema, Plasma-MDS. In accordance with typical plasma processes and applications, the schema contains metadata fields to collect information about the used plasma source, plasma medium, and plasma target. Furthermore, metadata for the respectively applied diagnostic and modelling/simulation methods are collected.