Krafczyk, Stephan

Device for biologically decontaminating percutaneous access points and method therefor

Disclosed is a device (1) for biologically decontaminating percutaneous access points or the stomata of patients, by means of a plasma generator (4) for generating a decontaminating plasma adjacently to a treatment surface (3) of the plasma generator (4). In order to at least partially surround a percutaneous access point or stomata, the treatment surface (3) is curved to be adaptable and can be laid against the percutaneous access point or stomata.

Device for the plasma treatment of human, animal or plant surfaces, in particular of skin or mucous membrane areas

The invention relates to a device for the treatment of free-form areas and zones of human or animal skin areas or plant surfaces by means of cold atmospheric-pressure plasma. The core of the device is a specific, preferably gas-permeable, electrode arrangement for generating a dielectrically impeded surface discharge where the earthed electrode is composed of electrically conductive textile material and the high-voltage electrode consists of a thin wire or electrically conductive thread which is sheathed with an insulting layer which has to meet specific requirements.