Schmidt-Bleker, Ansgar

Disinfection method comprising a disinfectant formed by reaction of H2O2 and NO2- in situ with retarded release of active substance

The invention relates to a method for disinfecting surfaces comprising the provision of an active solution comprising the educts H2O2 and NO2-, the active solution comprising at least one stop agent, the stop agent being a solvent which has a boiling temperature below 100 ° C. The invention also relates to a device for using this method.

Modular Plasma Jet Treatment System

The invention relates to a modular plasma jet treatment system (1), particularly for therapeutic or oral applications, comprising a plasma source (2) with least the following components; a high-voltage module (20) comprising a high-voltage electrode (21) and first connection means, a plasma jet applicator (30) configured to generate at least one plasma jet (35), wherein the plasma jet applicator (30) comprises a cavity (31) for a process gas (100), wherein a ceiling portion (32) of the cavity (31) is either arranged on the plasma jet applicator (30) and/or on the high-voltage module (20), t

Disinfection process using an active disinfecting substance formed in situ by reacting H2O2 and NO2-

The invention relates to a disinfection process comprising the feed materials H2O2 and NO2 - and a mixing step and a distribution step, wherein the mixing step and the distribution step (during which each point on the surface being disinfected is wetted with a solution of active substance) are implemented during a processing period ZA. An exposure step follows, in which the distributed solution of active substance acts upon the surface in contact with the solution of active substance during an exposure period ZE.