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The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP) is the largest non-university institute in the field of low temperature plasmas, their basics and technical applications in Europe. The institute carries out research and development from idea to prototype. The topics focus on the needs of the market. At present, plasmas for materials and energy as well as for environment and health are the focus of interest.

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Multi Frequency Plasma Generating Device and Associated Method

The invention relates to a device (1) for generating a plasma, particularly an atmospheric plasma, comprising: a plasma source (100) having a first electrode (101) and optionally a second electrode (102) being arranged opposite the first electrode (101), and a volume (or channel) (103) arranged adjacent the first electrode (101) for receiving a gas (G), and at least one radiofrequency power supply (200) in electrical contact with said first electrode (101) for applying a radiofrequency voltage (V) thereto. According to the invention, said at least one power supply (200) is in electrical contact with said first electrode (101) via an electrical component, particularly a coil (300), which component (300) provides an impedance for matching the impedance of the plasma source (100) to the impedance of the power supply (200), wherein said component (300) is arranged in an enclosure (400), which enclosure (400) encloses said component (300) and is designed to perturb an electromagnetic field generated by said component (300) in a manner that said impedance of the component (300) changes with the frequency of said voltage (V) such that the impedance of the plasma source (100) is adapted to the impedance of the power supply (200) for a plurality of different operating frequencies (fo) of said voltage (V), wherein said operating frequencies (fo) permit generating a plasma out of said gas (G) in said volume (or channel) (103) when said voltage (V) having the respective operating frequency (fo) is applied to the first electrode (101). Furthermore, the invention relates to a corresponding method for generating a plasma.

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