air filtering

Ion Wind DBD

The Ion Wind DBD uses a flat plasma electrode to create a surface dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in the room air flowing over it. An additional “extraction” electrode is arranged in parallel to form a rectangular ventilation duct. The extraction electrode is charged, so that an additional unipolar electric field through the ventilation duct is created. This drags the ions of one polarity (either positive or negative) generated by the surface DBD in the direction of the extraction electrode.

Process for textile cleaning and disinfection by means of plasma and plasma lock

The invention relates to a process for textile cleaning and disinfection by means of plasma and plasma lock for inactivating viruses, bacteria and spores and also for purifying air in the conventional sense, such as to remove dust, pollen, odours or the like. The object of the invention is to develop a process for cleaning and disinfection of textiles and air to remove viruses, bacteria, spores and also for cleaning to remove dust, pollen, odours etc., in which the use of water and diverse cleaning agents and also disinfectants is not necessary, or can be significantly reduced.

Apparatus for treating pollutants, aerosols and odor-producing materials in ionic wind comprises mesh electrodes to produce plasma, electrodes being mounted in housing and ionic wind flowing through space between it and electrodes

The invention relates to the field of plasma cleaning of exhaust gases and exhaust air.