Andrasch, Mathias

Combination method for cleaning, decontamination, disinfection and sterilization of objects

The invention relates to a process of treating objects, particularly of cleaning and decontaminating or disinfecting or sterilizing objects. A plasma processed gas (PPG) is provided, and by contacting this plasma processed gas (PPG) with a liquid, a sterilizing gas and a sterilizing liquid are generated. The objects to be treated are contacted with the sterilizing liquid in a first treatment step and with a treatment gas in a second treatment step, wherein the treatment gas can be the sterilizing gas or the plasma processed gas (PPG).

Method, plasma ignition device and system for bio-decontamination, disinfection or sterilization of objects with a reactive gas

The invention relates to a method for the biological decontamination of material to be treated (4) by means of a reactive gas (R) comprising the generation of a reactive gas (R) from a process gas by igniting a plasma, filling a container (3) with the reactive gas (R) and the Decontamination of the material to be treated (4) in the container (3) by means of the reactive gas (R).