Krohmann, Udo

Device for igniting and generating an expanding diffuse microwave plasma and device for plasma treating surfaces and substances by using this plasma

The present invention relates to an apparatus for igniting and generating a propagating, diffuse microwave plasma. The device is suitable for generating microwave plasmas for the purpose of plasma treatment of surfaces and substances, in particular of three-dimensional objects as well as of particles under atmospheric pressure.
The solutions according to the invention are presented in the claims.

Method, plasma ignition device and system for bio-decontamination, disinfection or sterilization of objects with a reactive gas

The invention relates to a method for the biological decontamination of material to be treated (4) by means of a reactive gas (R) comprising the generation of a reactive gas (R) from a process gas by igniting a plasma, filling a container (3) with the reactive gas (R) and the Decontamination of the material to be treated (4) in the container (3) by means of the reactive gas (R).