Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter

Multi Frequency Plasma Generating Device and Associated Method

The invention relates to a device (1) for generating a plasma, particularly an atmospheric plasma, comprising: a plasma source (100) having a first electrode (101) and optionally a second electrode (102) being arranged opposite the first electrode (101), and a volume (or channel) (103) arranged adjacent the first electrode (101) for receiving a gas (G), and at least one radiofrequency power supply (200) in electrical contact with said first electrode (101) for applying a radiofrequency voltage (V) thereto.

Hand disinfection device having a plasma and aerosol generator

The invention relates to a disinfection device (1) for plasma disinfection of surfaces comprising a plasma generator (2) for generating a disinfecting plasma gas stream (PA), and comprising an at least partially closed disinfection area (5) that is in communicating connection with the plasma generator (2), which is configured for receiving the surface (6) to be disinfected. The disinfection device (1) has an aerosol generator (9) for generating an aqueous aerosol stream (A) containing particles.

Device for plasma-supported treatment of liquids

The invention relates to a device (10) for treating a liquid with a plasma, the device (10) having a high-voltage electrode (20) and a liquid-permeable ground electrode device (30). The ground electrode device (30) has a flat, conductive area (32) and a porous area (34) arranged on the flat, conductive area (32), the conductive area (32) being liquid-permeable along its area. A discharge space (40) is formed between the ground electrode device (30) and the high-voltage electrode (20).

Process for textile cleaning and disinfection by means of plasma and plasma lock

The invention relates to a process for textile cleaning and disinfection by means of plasma and plasma lock for inactivating viruses, bacteria and spores and also for purifying air in the conventional sense, such as to remove dust, pollen, odours or the like. The object of the invention is to develop a process for cleaning and disinfection of textiles and air to remove viruses, bacteria, spores and also for cleaning to remove dust, pollen, odours etc., in which the use of water and diverse cleaning agents and also disinfectants is not necessary, or can be significantly reduced.

Device for generating a non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma

The invention relates to a device for generating a cold, HF-excited plasma under atmospheric pressure conditions, comprising a metal housing functioning as a grounded electrode in the region of the emergent plasma, wherein an HF generator, an HF resonance coil having a closed ferrite core suitable for the high frequency, an insulating body acting as a gas nozzle, and a high-voltage electrode mounted in the insulating body are disposed in such a manner that they are permeated or circulated around by process gas.

Cold plasma for implement for plasma treatment of surfaces

A plasma tool for generating a cold plasma beam (10) is described. The plasma tool is defined by the fact that it has a plasma nozzle, in particular a plasma nozzle which is dimensioned for operation by hand, wherein at least the coil (6) of the adaptation network is integrated into the plasma nozzle, for operation with a high frequency generator in addition to the capacitor C2, while the capacitor C1 can be arranged in the generator itself or in its vicinity.