Hairline plasma jet (hairlINePlasma)



Power: 1 W
Frequency: 1 kHz (self-pulsing)
Gases: argon, helium, air
Pressure: 1 bar

Technology Readiness Level: 


The hairline plasma jet (hairlINePlasma) is a cold atmospheric pressure plasma source mainly for biological and medical applications. hairlINePlasma uses the physical effect of negative dc corona discharges and produces a nanosecond self-pulsed microplasma with a very thin plasma filament. The Plasma filament has a diameter of about 30 µm and a length of up to 3 cm. Due to this geometrical features, hairlINePlasma is particularly suitable for the treatment of microscopic cavities and the localized functionalization of conductive surfaces. The low plasma temperature allows the treatment of human skin without any heating or painful irritation.


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