Miller Auto-Axcess™ 450


Miller Auto-Access 450 welding system (left) with welding torch (right)


Input power: 3 phases 22.9 kW
Voltage range: 10–44 V
Gases: mixtures of argon, helium, carbon dioxide, oxygene
Plasma temperature: 3,000–20,000 K
Wire diameter: 0.8–1.6 mm
Feed speed: 1.3–35.6 m/min

Technology Readiness Level: 


This plasma source is a commercial welding power source produced by Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Appleton / USA. This welding system is precise, digitally controlled and software-driven. Several different wire feeding and operator interface options are available and configurable to desired application. The welding system allows a simple method that controls arc length for pulse processes and wetting action and allows changing weld programs to take advantage of up to eight programs of Multi-MIG welding process capabilities. Through changing shielding gas and associated program, the power source can work at different welding process, eg. MIG welding and MAG welding.

Image of a typical welding plasma arc (left: 811 nm, right: 460 nm)



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