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The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP) is the largest non-university institute in the field of low temperature plasmas, their basics and technical applications in Europe. The institute carries out research and development from idea to prototype. The topics focus on the needs of the market. At present, plasmas for materials and energy as well as for environment and health are the focus of interest.

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Self-consistent Cathode-Plasma Coupling and Role of the Fluid Flow Approach in Torch Modelling - Dataset

The data set is related to a two-dimensional and stationary magneto-hydrodynamic model of a plasma spray torch operated with argon, which is developed to predict the plasma properties in a steady operating mode. The model couples a submodel of a refractory cathode and its non-equilibrium boundary layer to a submodel of the plasma in local thermodynamic equilibrium in a self-consistent manner. The Navier-Stokes equations for a laminar and compressible flow are solved in terms of low- and high-Mach number numerical approaches. The results show that the Mach number can reach values close to one. Simulations are performed for electric currents of 600 A and 800 A, and gas flow rates of 40, 60, and 80 NLPM. The plasma parameters obtained by the two approaches differ and the differences become more pronounced for higher currents and gas flow rates. The arc voltage, the electric power, and the thermal efficiency from both the low-and high-Mach number models of the plasma agree well with experimental findings for a current of 600 A and a flow rate of 40 NLPM. For higher currents and gas flow rates, the results of the low- and high-Mach number models gradually differ and underline the greater appropriateness of the high-Mach number model.

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The plasma spray torch considered in the present study is the commercial device Oerlikon Metco F4MB-XL. This is characterized by a single-cathode and a single-anode arrangement. The WL10 cathode by Plansee is made of lantanated tungsten and sticks to a copper holder. The nozzle is cylindrically symmetric and serves as anode. Its cylindrical fragment is partly made of tungsten. The cathode base and the nozzle are water cooled. The gas is fed between the cathode and the anode.

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The core plasma is considered to be in the state of Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium.

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